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Eredicane has truly saved my life!"

Michelle W.

Eredicane really helps with my facial blushing and sweaty forehead, the product has been excellent!"

Lehigh Acres, Florida

I have suffered from facial blushing and heavy perspiration on the face for years, Eredicane has significantly controlled it and I have had very good success!"

Mac R.
Trabuco Canyon, California

Eredicane has given me confidence and courage!"

Steve S.
New Orleans, Louisiana

What a miracle Eredicane is!"

Karen D.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have tried lots of things and Eredicane has helped with my blushing, YES, I recommend it!"

Paul I.
Irvine, California

I have suffered from facial blushing but I became more confident with Eredicane...I love the product, please continue making it!"

Ronald T.
Chino Hills, California

Eredicane has helped me gain my confidence back...I don't have to be worried about going bright red in front people, it has worked wonders for me!"

Miguel T.
Mission, Texas

Thank you Eredicane, you have helped me out a lot. My blushing has decreased and I feel more confident about talking in class and being more sociable."
Mary W.
Palo Alto, California

Thank you for a terrific product, and kudos to your customer service department for their professionalism."
Jim B.
Indianapolis, Indiana

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Leave Blushing Behind

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Hear how Jaime found success with Eredicane and regained her confidence!


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  Heath S. - Fishers, IN
  Mike C. - Mineola, NY
  Dan D. - Collegeville, PA
  Josi F. - Milwaukie, OR
  Peter A. - Urbana, IL
  Leo M. - Miami, FL
  Michael C. - Somerville, NJ
  Ray R. - Hopatcong, NJ
  Samantha G.- Aylesburg, UK
  Leah S. - Victoria Australia
  Timothy F. - Unionbridge, MD
  Sandy H. - Tunkhannok, PA
  Stephanie D.- Woodbury, MN
  S.D. - St. Paul, MN
  Tristan D. - Brooklyn
  Stephanie - Minnesota
  Phil M. - Canandaigua, NY
  Lem M. - Hull, Iowa
  Karen B. - Crestwood, KY
  Mark M. - Epharata, PA
  Edgar M. - Weston, FL
  Jaime S. - Denver, Co
  Jack M. - Sunset, SC
  Jeremy S. - Los Angeles, CA
  Ellen K. - Barnstead, NH
  Joe R. - Greenville, SC, NH
  Melissa T. - Windsor, CT
  J.V. - Owatonna, MN
  M.C. - Smyrna, GA
  John M.D. - Cathedral City, CA
  Louise C. - N'Umberland, UK
  Mike F. - Minneapolis, MN
  Debbie K. - Clark, N.J.
  Adrian C. - Langley, B.C.

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Learn More About Eredicane's Proprietary Blend
"Our new, unique blend of pure and fresh ingredients provides long-term relief from uncontrolled blushing."
Learn More

Eredicane helps you reduce facial blushing or erythrophobia (fear of blushing), which is a sudden reddening of the face that occurs spontaneously or in response to stressful stimuli. Facial blushing can extend to the neck, forehead, ears and the upper chest.

Eredicane helps you reduce the occurrence of unexpected facial blushing. Sometimes, this type of facial blushing occurs at the most inopportune moments, like during a presentation in front of a group, or in the midst of an important conversation. At other times, however, your face might be flushed for no apparent reason, when you're with friends or even alone.

Cope With Stress and Anxiety

Eredicane helps your ability to cope with stressful situations and anxiousness. In severe cases, facial blushing may cause social anxiety syndrome (SAD), social phobias, and depression or drug dependency. This could severely affect one’s ability to deal with life’s daily stresses.

Curb the Causes of Blushing

Eredicane works to curb and lessen the causes of severe blushing so you will no longer have to fear that at any moment your face may turn bright red or blotchy. Blushing is often attributed to social phobia - the fear of being judged or criticized by other people.


The emotional or social stimuli that elicit such anxieties may manifest themselves in various ways - some people sweat profusely, while others fidget nervously or blush uncontrollably. Learn more: Blushing Explained

Reduce the Fear of Blushing that Limits Your Ability to Function

No matter when facial blushing occurs for you, the concern isn't simply that it's embarrassing, but that the fear and reality of your face turning bright red severely limits your ability to function with confidence and ease. When it does happen, you hope people won't notice, and if they do, that they won't stare or make comments - but often they do, which then reliably exacerbates the problem and the feeling of heat overwhelming your face. Learn more: How Eredicane Works to Reduce the Cause of Blushing

A Unique Approach to Remedy Blushing

The few remedies for facial blushing that have been developed - from pharmaceuticals and creams to hypnosis and even surgery - are similar in their failure to successfully alleviate the problem. They fail because other forms of treatment attempt to fix the symptoms, rather than address the root causes of facial blushing.


Eredicane takes a unique approach to tackling this life-crippling problem. Eredicane works to provide long-term relief because it deals with the physiological causes (overactive sympathetic nervous system) by curbing or eliminating facial blushing  rather than the symptom (redness of face). Learn more: How Eredicane Works to Eliminate the Causes of Blushing

Safe Formula Works Inside to Prevent Blushing Outside!

Facial blushing is caused by over activity of the sympathetic nervous system. This is part of the involuntary central nervous system. Therefore it is not possible to control or stop it voluntarily. This makes facial blushing unpredictable. Eredicane is designed with a unique approach to combating the underlying physiological reasons causing uncontrolled blushing. Learn more: How Eredicane Works

Eredicane: Our Distinctive Approach Provides Long-Term Relief!

It is important to understand that involuntary emotions control both the sympathetic and parasympathetic centers of the brain, thus directly affecting areas of the body. When blushing occurs, it is most likely the result of your emotions taking over, instantaneously triggering the autonomic nervous system response. Eredicane's main ingredient, GABA, is one of the nine essential amino acids found in the brain. GABA inhibits neurons in the cells from firing, thus diminishing the excitatory messages reaching the frontal cortex of the brain.  Learn more: Eredicane's Proprietary Blend

Eredicane Lets People See Your Face -- Not Your Skin!

In essence, GABA lowers the excitatory level of the cell that is about to receive the incoming information, therefore helping to prevent the onset of the sensation that causes blushing. Because Eredicane addresses the root of your stress-related blushing problem, it successfully helps defend you on the inside from the visible symptoms on the outside that are caused by the many stresses of your hectic daily life.

The few other remedies for uncontrolled blushing available on the market -- creams, sprays, or pharmaceuticals -- all fail to eliminate stress-related blushing because other treatments only attempt to address the symptoms and not the foundation of the problem itself.

It's time to reclaim your confidence! Eredicane is the answer to your blushing problem.

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